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7th August

Lovely Laura
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August 12th


21st August

Lovely Laura
& Ben Santiago

The home of the sunset.

Savannah opened its doors for the first time back in 1997. Located on the West Coast of Ibiza. A short stroll from the port of San Antonio, you will find the luxurious Sunset Strip in San Antonio, Ibiza. Facing, arguably, the most famous sunset in the world.

In recent years Savannah has become a prominent feature on the Sunset Strip, and thousands have enjoyed countless stunning sunsets. With it’s laid back and cool attitude, Savannah attracts a glamorous and international clientele.

Open from 11am through until the early hours, Savannah boasts a hearty Brunch menu from Acai bowls, to full English and vegan breakfasts. The evening menu boats fresh seafood, grilled meats, pastas and refreshing Summer salads as well as our all time favourites, the Savannah classics.

The large seafront terrace next to the sparkling Mediterranean is the perfect spot to start your day. Enjoy a comforting Full English, while indulging in the laid-back summer chill.

As the crowds gather for sunset; we recommend pre booking your seafront sunset table to enjoy the magical atmosphere as the sun sinks into the ocean.

Then once the sun goes down, the atmosphere builds. Savannah is host to nightly events with some of the Islands very best resident DJ's. Plus regular nights with exceptionally talented guest artists. 

Savannah Ibiza -  The home of the sunset.
Savannah Ibiza - Andy Baxter
About Us

Love for the food

Our Breakfast Menu has been created to cater for you. Whether you need a Full English, a protein fuelled smoked salmon & poached eggs: hair of the dog, or a healthy smoothie. We have created a menu for you with all these things in mind. What better place to start your day than on the Savannah terrace, with the sparkling Mediterranean bringing you to life...

There are some firm favourites on the Savannah evening menu, whist we strive for the best; we also cater for the needs and wishes of our customers. From premium steaks, to refreshing salads, and the all-important Savannah Classics, including the Savannah Burger, Chicken Goujons and traditional British Fish & Chips, we have a modest menu to suit the majority of palates.

What better place to start your day than on the Savannah terrace, with the sparkling Mediterranean bringing you to life...
Savannah Ibiza
Savannah Ibiza
Savanna Ibiza Restaurant
Savannah Ibiza

Book a Table

Savannah Ibiza Terrace
Sunset Bookings

Regular Terrace

Min. spend 50€/person
On the Terrace, between seafront and the promenade

Savannah Ibiza Seafront
Sunset Bookings


Min. spend 60€/person
The first row by the ocean, best view of sunset

Savannah Ibiza Cocktail Class
Available for groups of 6-16

Cocktail Class

Everyday from 4PM-6PM

If you want to book a table please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +34 971 34 80 31.

Food & Bookings

Terms & Conditions

Once you receive the confirmation, please make sure that the details are correct and note that we have reserved your table for booking time stated, however, we will release the table after 15 minutes should you not arrive on time.

Cancellation Policy

  • 48 hours prior to booking: no charge.
  • Less than 48 hours: either 20€ of cancellation fee per person or moving your reservation to another day (subject to availability).
  • Groups bigger than 8 people and less than 48 hours: no refund.
  • Savannah reserves the right to cancel or change booking conditions in light of special occasions/circumstances.
  • Please note the admin fee is non-refundable.

Savannah Cocktail Classes

What better way to spend the afternoon with your close friends, than learning to make our most desirable and popular cocktails; in one of the world famous sunset bars in San Antonio. 

What will happen?

Our master mixologist will teach you how to make 3 different cocktails over the two hour class, and do not fear, you will get to try them while you make them. We will also give each person a recipe sheet to take away with them, so they can recreate the experience in the comfort of their own homes.

The class is 2 hours long and is available daily from 4-6pm. (pre booking is a must)

Minimum group size 6 people, maximum 16 people. 

The price of the class is 40 euros per person. 


  • If you want you can come for lunch before your class, we can arrange a seafront table for you to enjoy a snack before you indulge in our delicious cocktails… 
  • Likewise, we can arrange a priority Sunset Table for the group to enjoy dinner and drinks during Sunset. (please note this is subject to availability). 

Please go to our reservatoins tab to book your cocktail class, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Savannah Ibiza
Savannah Ibiza
Savannah Ibiza
Savannah Ibiza
Cocktail Class

Welcome to the Backroom

Newly refurbished in 2018 Savannah’s BackRoom hosts some of the best parties on the island. With it’s free entry policy, and intimate vibe this little gem of a venue has a lot to offer. With it’s intimate capacity of just 140 people, some nights people are queuing around the block.

Keep your ears open for special one off nights too. Over the years we have had the likes of Steve Angello, Roger Sanchez, MK, Sam Divine and Simon Dunmore grace the humble Backroom decks. 

The BackRoom is also available to hire for private events and wedding parties.

The parties

Es Paradis Pre-Party

Boom Boom

Every Thursday

Eden Pre-Party


Every Saturday

Privilege Pre-Party

Solid Grooves

Every Sunday

Come to dance

Our Resident Djs

Andy Baxter



DJ Feelgood



Helen Dickenson



Jason Bye



Johnny Doherty



DJ Lekno



Manuel Grandi



MK Santo



Ryan McDermott



Andy Baxter

Andy Baxter

DJ Feelgood

DJ Feelgood

  • Favourite sunset track? Oh my God! I have to pick one? Impossible! Ha! I’m gonna have two.  First one would be for a typical Ibizan Sunset: Enigma - Return To Innocence. The second one is in my alternative sunset tune folder: The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
  • What has been a great memory for you whilst playing in ibiza? There are so many special moments, every sunset is special and unique. When I was first asked to be Savannah resident 5 years ago i had a grin from ear to ear, likewise when Café Mambo called for some feelgood I had a tear in my eye, not gonna lie.
  • What made you join the DJ scene and become involved in the lifestyle? I fell in love with disco at a young age - my Mum played me records from the 70s when I was a baby (yep that old). I did the school discos, set up a mobile disco business at 18, playing in clubs soon after - first trip to Ibiza in ’95 and I knew it was home.
  • What is it that you love about the music scene? There is something for everyone, if you’re not keen on one thing there are hundreds of other stuff to like. 
  • Is there any low key amazing places in ibiza you would recommend to go? There are so many great local bars and restuarants to check out - most people just walk (or drive) by them! Can Jordi Bluse Station (on the way to the airport from San Antonio) - go there Saturday afternoons, Can Pa (near Cala Vadella) to get away from it all and Casa Feelgood to rest up!
  • If you could choose 1 person who would you love to play b2b with? Would love to throw a few on with my man Todd Terry! Fat Boy Slim would be on the list. But top of the shop would be fellow Mambo resident Ridney. I’ve gone B2B with him many times before and its special. We’ve known each other for almost 25 years so magic happens!
  • What inspires/influences you and your music? Love and laughter
  • Is there 1 venue / crowd you would love to play for? My family (they love a good party!)
  • Favourite beach? Local: Cala Moli  To drive: Cala Pada
  • Favourite savannah cocktail? Anything with Gin in it **looks at menu** Brockmans with red berries and Royal Bliss tonic
Helen Dickenson

Helen Dickenson

  • Favourite sunset track I don’t have an answer for this one, sorry! Sunsets here on the strip are an art and I’m still a novice. Ask me again next year.
  • Great memory They all create great memories but the launch of my Sweetcheeks night at Pure in March is one. As I’d come to Ibiza on my own and not people knew me I thought I’d be lucky to get 30 people to a club on a night in winter. Over 100 people turned up and I’ll always be grateful for those residents who came to support me. I’ve also got to mention the night at Bucanero two years ago when I played back to back with Jonny (who is now my boss at Savannah). If that hadn’t happened I doubt I’d have been offered my residency this year.
  • DJ Scene House music has been a part of my life for over twenty years, my former business was training and providing door staff for nightclubs so I’ve been involved in the industry for a long time. I had a party at home one night and borrowed some decks from a friend, they were left in my hallway waiting for him to collect along with 2 boxes of his records for far too long. Eventually he told me I could keep the decks but I’d have to return the records within 6 months, all on the condition that I taught myself to mix as it was something I’d always wanted to do. Here I am, I got to keep the decks!
  • Love about the scene Obviously the music. Ibiza offers such variety and exposure to genres, tracks and playing styles which you don’t get anywhere else, it’s an education every day. The people too. Here in Ibiza they’re supportive in ways which you also don’t find in other places. There’s very little competition, everyone helps each other out.
  • Low Key places Portinatx for sure. I love to take a drive up there out of season, you can have the whole place to yourself.
  • B2B Roger Sanchez, in the hope some of those insane skills of his magically rub off onto me.
  • Inspiration There are so many things which inspire me here from the beautiful views I get whilst playing at Savannah to the people I meet. Melon Bomb are fantastic role models as they’re such nice guys and have really nailed how to throw a party. Kai who runs Abode and Hotbed is inspirational for creating a new life for himself and sharing some of his success to people less fortunate than himself with the Abode Foundation.
  • Venue/crowd I’d love to play in the Wild Corner at Hi. It’s just my kind of place, small and intimate with a crowd who are always up for a great time.
  • Favourite Beach Any of them when they’re empty!
  • Cocktail It’s a mocktail for me as I don’t drink alcohol. Tropical Crush is divine but I’m more inclined to get a frappé as I need the caffeine most of the time.
Jason Bye

Jason Bye

Johnny Doherty

Johnny Doherty

DJ Lekno

DJ Lekno

Manuel Grandi

Manuel Grandi

MK Santo

MK Santo

  • Favourite sunset track? Art of Noise - Moments in Love
  • What has been a great memory for you whilst playing in ibiza? I can’t forget the feeling of my first sunset here at Savannah
  • What made you join the DJ scene and become involved in the lifestyle? I collected vinyls for my own pleasure, but I felt, I want share this pleasure with others. Being a dj was my way ;)...
  • What is it that you love about the music scene? How people, djs and artist can connect
  • Is there any low key amazing places in ibiza you would recommend to go? :) I have my secret place, is a forest above my house and is so peaceful, so close but so far from the heartbeat...
  • If you could choose 1 person who would you love to play b2b with? Oh, the dreams can’t be dreams if they become reality, Nick Warren is my legend.
  • What inspires/influences you and your music? Travel around the world, discover new artist and share music ideas, keeps me fresh and active...
  • Is there 1 venue / crowd you would love to play for? There are a lot, not easy to chose one, can I chose two? :) One club and one location, Pacha and Tokyo
  • Favourite beach? Cala Comte
  • How do you feel as the only Greek resident dj on the island? One and only, interesting :)
Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott

  • Favourite sunset track? My personal favourite track to play for sunset is Elvis Presley - Cant Help Falling In Love, the version with the royal philharmonic orchestra, I save it for when the sunset is really special and everyone can follow the sun disappearing into the water, its gets a great reaction every time I play it with everyone singing along to it, I have had many compliments from people after playing this!
  • What has been a great memory for you whilst playing in ibiza? A great memory which will always stand out in my mind relates back to question one actually, every time I play at Savannah and on the sunset strip I learn something new, and the time I found the Elvis song and thought this would work for a sunset, when I played it the first time and everyone on the strip and the rocks were all focused on it it was a great feeling and with the song ending just as the disappeared it got a fantastic reaction which then kickstarted the party that followed.
  • If you could choose 1 person who would you love to play b2b with? An inspiration of mine that I actually play alongside both at Savannah and Cafe Mambo is another fellow resident Jason Bye, ive never had the chance (yet) to play a b2b set with him but hopefully in the future this could be something that will happen!But Simon Dunmore owner of Defected (my favourite label) and Glitterbox, I look up to him a lot for what he has done and continues to do for the house music scene, a lot of my music is from the defected catalogue and you can find me at Defected and Glitterbox pretty much every single week in ibiza!!
  • Is there 1 venue / crowd you would love to play for? A venue I would love to play would be Hi Ibiza for Glitterbox, the atmosphere every week is electric, and although I do love all types of house music and styles, disco is the one sound I lean toward the most, so to be able to let loose in a fantastic venue like Hi, playing some real upfront and feel good disco to a crowd who knows their stuff would be amazing, also the WC (Wild Corner aka room 3) is one of the best rooms ive been in.
  • Favourite savannah cocktail Im not really a cocktail person, but every time they pass the dj booth they all look delicious!, Jack And Daniels is my cocktail? If I can call it that ha ha
Come to dance
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